Spring at Wobbly Cart Farm and CSA start date

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Hello to you all! I am excited to be finding the time to sit down and write a spring newsletter today. As you know, it has been a long, cold, and wet spring. In fact, the coldest and wettest that we can ever remember! We are at least a couple of weeks behind where we normally are at this date, but things are definitely looking up.

Weather like this can certainly pose a challenge to us as farmers. Our particular soil type (clay based loam) cannot be plowed, tilled or even driven on when it is too wet. Essentially when you disturb the structure of the soil when it is wet, soil particles get squeezed together and compacted and as the soil dries, they stay that way, forming something like bricks or adobe. Therefore, to avoid irrevocable damage to the health of our soil we must wait to cultivate until our soil dries out properly. It takes patience, but it is worth it for the long -term health of our soil.

In the greenhouses, I have been working since January to start seedlings such as onions, leeks, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, squashes and more. Our greenhouses are low tech and unheated so the cold cloudy weather has resulted in seemingly slow growth. Despite all that, the weather has broken at last and we are moving acres of transplants out to the fields and have begun direct seeding many crops. We are basically working overtime to get caught back up! We have transplanted lettuces, fennel, parsley, cabbage, broccoli, onions, leeks, winter squash, scallions, and more. And have direct seeded peas, beets, spring turnips, radishes, and carrots. Today we are putting in the years’ potato plantings and tomorrow will be the field tomatoes.

Amazingly, we have been waiting for months for it to dry out and when it does there comes a new stress, getting irrigation running. We need to purchase more irrigation pipe asap and also do some serious plumbing to get water running on the new field we are leasing. I guess that is a farmers life, at the mercy of nature and conditions that are out of our control.

With that we are excited to announce that we will begin CSA deliveries on Tuesday June 27th. This will be the latest we have ever started CSA delivery but with the late start to the season, we wanted to make sure we are able to have full value boxes from the beginning. We will still have a 22-week season, which puts us ending on Tuesday November 21st.

I will be sending out more detailed information on the start of pick-ups as we get closer to that date. In the mean time, thank you all so much for supporting small, local, organic agriculture. Your CSA memberships keep us afloat during tough seasons like this. Can’t wait to start eating the gorgeous produce we have been working to grow all spring!


Have a great day and thank you,


Asha McElfresh






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