Spring update

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Dear CSA members,

I just came in from helping organize and plant 700+ tomatoes from 13 or so varieties, and thought it would be a good time to sit down an write a spring update newsletter for our CSA members. It is always such a relief to get the tomato crop in the ground and set in its final destination. I start the tomatoes in early February and must up pot them several times before it is warm enough and they are strong enough to live out in the field. With all the different varieties we grow organizing them can be quite a challenge to say the least! This year we are trying out several new heirloom varieties and are excited to see and taste the results.

As a whole, spring has been going very well for the farm. The weather has been warmer and drier than normal which is great for us to get in the fields early and start planting. We have been able to seed and transplant on average about 1 week earlier than in previous years for many of our crops. Already in our fields we have planted all the onions,potatoes, leeks, tomatoes, summer squash, the first several plantings of lettuce, peas, carrots, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, chard, scallions and more. The greenhouse is bursting with peppers, eggplants, winter squash , melons and cucumbers just waiting to size up for planting in the field.

The high tunnels are also full of summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and carrots and will hopefully be ready a week or two ahead of the crops in the fields. Also, the strawberry plantings are flowering nicely and we have even seen evidence of sizable green fruits!

We are very excited to begin harvesting our spring and early summer crops for you! We have a great crew with many folks returning from years past, and the weather has been very favorable, so things are shaping up very well. As of now, it looks like the first CSA delivery will likely be the second or third Tuesday of June. As the date for the beginning of CSA becomes sure, I will be sending out more emails keeping you informed,  as well as other information you may need to know to pick up your box.

I also wanted to be sure to thank you all for joining our CSA and supporting our farm through the lean weeks of spring. At this time of year, all the winter crops are sold, bolted or sprouted and we don’t have much product for sale to keep the cash flow going. Your support helps us to buy seeds, produce transplants, pay the crew and generally keep things running. We hope to pay you back and then some with amazing, fresh, local organic produce very soon!

If you would like to check your balance or make a payment go to our website www.wobblycart.com  and click on “already a member, make a payment here”. Sign in with your email address and follow the steps from there. You can also send a check to :

Wobbly Cart Farm CSA

20548 Van Dyke RD SW

Rochester, WA 9879

Thank you and have a great week,

Asha McElfresh, Joseph Gabiou and the Crew at Wobbly Cart



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