National CSA Sign-up Day is February 28th

email_header 2-26-15

Hi CSA Folks! 

On February 28th, we are joining with CSA farmers from across the country to celebrate National CSA Sign-up Day. This is an important time of year for us to get new members signed up because we are in the process of making the investments that will result in a successful harvest many months from now.

The CSA model is an important model to support our farm. Laura, who runs First Root Farm in Concord, Mass. put it eloquently: “The CSA model was what allowed me to start my own farm business at age 23. Without the sale of CSA shares, I would not have been able to buy seeds, potting soil, fertilizer, or anything else. Six years later, my business is still going strong. Access to capital in the off-season; the meaningful connections between farmers and CSA members; the sense of ownership and pride members feel about their CSA farms–all these things add up to healthy farms, businesses, and communities. The CSA model is good for everybody,”  So thank you for your support on this and throughout the year. It is so important for us and we are thankful to you!

We are offering a 5% discount for all early- season sign ups right now! This discount will end on March 1st so you still have a few days to take advantage of this. The discount is automatically applied at check out on our website  

If you are already signed up or just want to help us spread the word, please post about National CSA Sign-up Day on social media:  Wobbly Cart Farm is celebrating National CSA Sign-up Day on Feb 28th. Join me in supporting a local farmer: Wobbly Cart Farm #CSAday 

To sign up for our CSA, visit:

-Sincerely your farmers, 

Asha McElfresh and Joseph Gabiou


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