The first CSA delivery is just around the corner!



May 30th 2014



Dear CSA members,


We are excited and pleased to announce our first delivery will be Tuesday June 17th!


The past weeks have been exceptionally busy and exciting on the farm as we plant, weed, and work hard getting ready for market and CSA deliveries to begin. A seemingly endless list of tasks in the fields and greenhouse as well as managing the logistics of fields, equipment, market, CSA and family keep us all going at full speed this time of year!

It seems, nature has been a little more difficult on the weather front this spring.  We’ve had an extra rainy early spring , and well as some bursts of very hot weather that are not kind to the soil… but with patience and care we are getting up to speed in the fields. While everything in the greenhouses is growing exceptionally well thanks to some extra mineral inputs this year.

Strawberries are setting fruit, the peas and carrots are sizing up, lettuces and greens are growing like mad, and the young garlic is sending up tender flower scapes. Needless to say it’s looking good for an awesome first CSA delivery again this year!

Be looking for more updates from me on pickup times and locations as we get closer to the first day. I will be dialing in all those final details in this next week.

Thank you all for joining our CSA and supporting your small organic farm! We couldn’t do this without your support and look forward to sharing the harvest with you.


Asha, Joseph and the Crew at Wobbly Cart.


360 273 8008



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