Spring Update

Liza and Pedro weeding the garlic

Dear CSA members,

Spring is upon the farm at last! Things are starting to come alive in the fields and greenhouses around here. Weather continues to be cold and rainy, but wild and cultivated plants alike are responding to our steadily lengthening days. The fruit trees are starting to bud, rhubarb is emerging from the damp soil, garlic is growing, and crops planted last fall are putting on fresh growth and even getting ready to flower. I love to open the windows in our old farmhouse (as long as the wind isn’t blowing!) in the evening and listen to the frogs in our surrounding wetlands sing their songs. Hummingbirds buzzing outside our windows and the return of the violet-green swallows always energize me into getting seeds planted in our greenhouse.
In fact, by the time I get around to writing the spring update, the greenhouse is practically full of seedlings. Going in there is like another world, with temperatures in the 70’s during the day! On heated benches hundreds of tomato, eggplant and pepper starts are growing. The rest of the tables are literally bursting with thousands of onion, leek, shallot, fennel, broccoli, cabbage, scallions, and lettuce seedlings. I love giving the plants such a necessary head start in our cold, gray and damp springtime. As always, it’s exciting to think about the bounty they will provide in just a few short months.
In the fields, Joe has been busy as well. Harvests of crops planted last fall, such as rutabaga, kale, and sun-chokes are still being made and delivered to co-ops and restaurants. Sometimes, when the water is high, harvesting requires that he canoe across a large moat to access the fields. And then canoe back with crates of vegetables! Luckily, we have returning crew Liza, Marianne, Pedro and Marshall to help out again this year. It’s a great asset to have experienced and capable folks on board.
Joe was able to plow during a brief dry spell and get plantings of peas and arugula going under row cover for this spring. He also purchased a new 10ft disc that lifts up off the road when needed so he can easily transport it between our two main growing locations, about 2 miles apart. This is a big improvement over loading the old, smaller disk on a boat trailer to tow it to each location as needed. An operation that can require winching the thing up into a tree to back the trailer under it! I keep telling him we need to get these adventures documented on camera.
Excitement is building for our CSA to begin, as well. We’ve made some changes and added a few new drop-sites for the 2012 season. We are adding additional drop sites to Northwest and Southeast Portland that are not listed on the brochure yet. If you want to choose these please just write it in. Their locations will be updated on the online sign up page. I am pleased that we will begin offering a “half-share” to our customers after several years of deliberation. The half-share will be a better fit for singles and smaller families of 2 to 3. The cost will be $300 and we will have the same 18 weeks of delivery for the summer season, just a smaller quantity. The full share is the best deal for families or groups of 4 and larger. If paid in full by May 1st the full share is only $425, $450 after that. We can also accept payment plans and food stamps.
We look forward to having you back this year! We greatly value our CSA customers, their commitment to eating local, supporting small farms, and the opportunity to create a relationship between our farm and your families.
Please fill out and send in the registration form, or sign-up on our website http://www.wobblycart.com. Any questions? Feel free to email us at info@wobblycart.com or call 360-273-7597. We’re looking forward to a great season.

Thank you!

Asha, Joe and the Crew at Wobbly Cart