Snow, Ice and Seed Ordering

Wobbly Cart weathered a pretty serious winter storm starting January 19th… We received about 18 inches of snow followed by several inches of freezing rain that resulted in thousand of trees snapping or loosing limbs. All that resulted in week long power outage! All that heavy snow also means we have to go out at night and scrape it off our large greenhouse and hoophouses so they don’t collapse! We lost a few pieces of equipment due to falling tree limbs, but other than that we weathered the storm ok. Now we’re getting caught back up on ordering our seeds for the season and lots of other number crunching activities. I’ll be getting the sign-ups ready for our 2012 season asap! Hope to have you join us!

Mar studies the seed catalogs

Joe commands his laptop

Liza contemplates broccoli varieties

Kiran and Freya help keep the ice from building up on the greenhouse

Kiran shows how deep the snow really is!


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