Pastured Poultry Available

pastured poultry order form

We grow a small flock of slow growing (not Cornish Cross) broiler chickens. They are the Freedom Ranger broiler breed.  They come from the same genetic stock as the heritage chicken breeds grown in France for the Label Rouge free range program.

Our chickens are pasture raised.  They forage on green grass, dandelions, clover and bugs in the sunshine on the edge of our vegetable fields. We feed them certified organic feed from a small, family-owned mill in British Columbia.  They are fed no GMO feed.

Our chickens are brooded, pastured and slaughtered on the farm.  We use low stress and humane slaughtering methods.  Our priorities are to ensure the highest animal welfare for our birds and provide you with a high quality, healthy, alternative to factory farmed meat.

Our chicken is available for our customers the same day as slaughter to ensure quality and freshness.  Pick up on the farm between 4-6pm on September 18th.

Whole chickens available for $4/lb, averaging 4 lbs.

Contact us to place and order. 360-274-7597 or


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