CSA Box # 11

CSA Box # 11 8-31-10

Hello Everyone,

First off, a big thank you to all of you who attended the annual farm party/potluck/campout! It was a great time, beautiful weather, delicious food and drink, and fun to meet all the members who did attend! I’m glad the rain held off for the party as I’ve heard a recent forecast that says we’re going to get an inch of rain here today! Yikes! I hope they’re wrong, and if they’re not I hope it goes back to being warm and sunny for the rest of the week. That much rain can make harvesting a very muddy proposition and bring mold to cases of green beans and the blackberries on the vine if it doesn’t dry up soon afterward. I don’t know about you but I’m still in the market for some more summery weather.
September is often a really lovely month for us, and I’ve already seen the signs of the shortening days. Cottonwood leaves are drifting down from the tree tops through an impossibly blue sky. Crickets are singing in the tall golden brown grasses that whisper and drift in an ever present breeze. Down right cold mornings with a lot of dew on everything! That kind of stuff makes me think its time to start knocking back the onion tops so they can begin to cure for storage, and begin some of the bigger fall projects that loom this time of year. There’s the big potato harvest, bulk harvests of beets and carrots, within a few weeks we could be bringing in winter squash and field corn. Then it’s on to garlic planting and cover cropping. I’ll leave you with those thoughts and a list of this weeks’ box contents.

Carrots Corno di Toro pepper
Lettuce Scallion
Yellow Finn potato Cucumber (slicing and lemon)
Basil Summer Squash
Beets Arugula
Eggplant Green Beans

Arugula is a tender green with a slightly nutty flavor, best used in salads and on sandwiches for extra flavor.

Enjoy, Asha, Joseph and the Crew.

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