CSA Box #10

CSA Box # 10 8-24-10

CSA Box # 10August is always a busy month on the farm. Earlier today as we flowed in from the field with loaded wheel barrows I got excited for the contents of this week’s box. As we compared our loot, I couldn’t help but be the most excited for the Slicing cucumbers.

In this week’s box you will find:
Lettuce Green Beans
Carrots Squash
Cilantro New Potatoes
Sweet Pepper Chard
Slicing Cucumbers Red/Yellow Onion

There really is nothing better than a cool cucumber salad on a hot summer day. Cucumbers have been cultivated since 1500 BC in India. Clearly they must have known that they were on to something good. The wet spring definitely hit the Alliums (the onion family) particularly hard. Under cold, wet conditions multiple problems can arise in the field as well as in the green house. Not only did the white rot take out our garlic crop it also took its toll on a large percentage of the onions. Fortunately we still have a good amount to pass on you. My recommendation to you is to thinly slice cucumber and red onion, chop up the cilantro. Mix them together and add lemon juice, a little olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Put it on your tacos or add in the chard and green beans – the sky’s the limit! Whatever you decide I’m sure the end result is going to be delicious.

Included in your CSA box is an order form for our own pastured poultry. We are excited to offer an alternative to the factory farm Cornish cross variety. Our birds are moved to fresh pasture daily where they can eat grass and insects. Every time I go to move them, they line up in anticipation at the edge of their soon-to-be buffet.

We cannot wait to see everyone this Saturday! It is going to be great. We ask that folks bring their own dishes (plates, utensils and cup) for the potluck. For those of you that plan on spending the night, it has been starting to cool off, so make sure to pack your bundles. And, please leave your pets at home. If you have any questions about details feel free to call us at (360) 273-7597.

See you soon! Marianne and the Wobbly Cart Crew


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