CSA Box #7

CSA Box #7                                                                                                        Tuesday August, 2nd

This weeks box contains:

Broccoli                                                                                            Dill

Red Leaf Lettuce                                                                          1 bunch Carrots

1 ¼ lb mixed Potatoes                                                             1 bunch beets

Scallions                                                                                           Kohlrabi

Diamond Eggplant or Purple Beauty Bell Pepper

Another week has flown by and now it is August! Peas are a thing of the past and we are seriously moving into the summer fare of green beans, broccoli, tomatoes, eggplants and peppers. We’re in high season production now and there’s no turning back. Fortunately we’ve been getting sunshine. Unfortunately it’s taking half the day for it to break through the clouds. The real kicker is that it keeps staying relatively cold at night (both for veggies and for people). Wouldn’t be nice if we could wrap the plants up in a nice comfy sweatshirt at night like we do! Some plants like peppers and eggplants actually get this special attention because we just couldn’t grow them here with out covering them in mini greenhouses. It’s my understanding that these plants do best when temperatures stay above 60 degrees night and day. An impossibility in Western Washington! With the drip irrigation line running at the base of the plant, and wire hoops running down the rows that are covered with special slotted plastic row covers gives the plant a few degrees of warmer temperatures both night and day. This is of course a costly effort and we recognize the value most food lovers place on these special plants. We think its worth it and hope you do to when you taste those yummy peppers and eggplants!

So you might ask why we do this kind of intense planting? Outside of the reasons mentioned above we run into some unexpected occurrences each year. By far and away the most unusual occurrence this year has been the sighting of a bull elk browsing through the fields. No kidding. In the many years we’ve been in the valley, and in talking to those who’ve been here longer, this is truly a rare event. We’ve seen other animals; bear, geese, beavers, muskrat, rabbits, deer, dogs, heron, horses, but this is a first. We noticed that a large amount of carrots were suddenly missing. Joseph and David stalked the field early one morning in pursuit of an answer to the missing vegetables. Growing up in the mountains of northern Idaho and being quite familiar with animal tracks, Joseph was shocked to find fresh elk tracks! Anticipating a rabbit and seeing elk tracks clearly was not what he was expecting. So another day passed and then confirmation; there he was, standing boldly in the field with a look of satisfaction given his newfound grazing territory. So the wise minds of Wobbly Cart got together over some tea to establish an action plan. The answer; call fish and wildlife. Their answer; shoot bottle rockets in the near vicinity. Somehow somebody on the farm had fireworks handy. Boom! The big guy took off and hasn’t been back yet. If he comes back we’ll try to get a picture (of Joseph hugging him??).

If that’s not exciting enough it’s time to introduce the…

2010 Wobbly Cart CSA Party

Saturday, August 28, 2010

We’ll have a huge potluck, live music, a D.J. and dance party, camping, bon-fire, field tour, swimming in the river, munching fresh veggies, etc. Stay tuned for more info. Put it on your calendar.

Thanks again for your support,

Asha, Joseph and the Wobbly Cart crew.

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