CSA Box #6

CSA Box # 6 July, 27th 2010

Hi Everybody,

Another lovely week of summer weather, and with it lovely summer veggies! I’m really happy about the
contents of this weeks box and hope you are too. Your box should have:



Kohlrabi/ or Zucchini

1/3 lb Basil Green Beans

Romaine lettuce

1 bunch Purplette Onion

New Potatoes


½ pint cherry tomatoes (Gold nugget and Glacier)

I just returned from a two-week road trip to Minnesota for vacation, with the kids and my
folks. Whew! It was really a fun adventure and a nice reality check to see how wonderful our farming
community really is. After the Midwest humidity and bugs I am all too thankful to be back to our warm
sunny days and nice cool breezy evenings. I was really pleased to see how all the crops have been
growing while I was away, and to hear about the onset of the summer crops like tomatoes, potatoes, basil
and green beans.

We arrived back to the farm last Tuesday afternoon and were able to call from the road to have
the crew pack us a box to pick-up, as we were coming home to an empty fridge. After setting the veggies
on the kitchen table I was amazed. Within minutes the kids were up on chairs and diving into the fresh
bounty of summer veggies. To my disbelieving eyes they started to argue over who got to bite into the
kohlrabi first! It really made me realize how much we all missed our farm fresh veggies while we were
gone. After driving through incredibly large farm tracts of monoculture crops (mostly grains) of the Great
Plains and Midwest we truly appreciated coming home to the resources of local organic farms that we
have and how they can improve both the quality of our health, our lives and the diversity found within our

The uniquely attractive little purple onion in your box is called “purplette”. It is a tasty little,
fast-growing mini onion that is delicious sliced or pickled, or used just like a regular onion. The new
potatoes are showing some signs of scab, but are perfectly edible and delicious. Also new this week are
cherry tomatoes, basil and green beans so check out the recipe page for more ideas.

Hope you are all enjoying the produce,

Asha, Joseph and the Crew at Wobbly Cart

360 273 7597


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