CSA Box #4



I would like to think that I don’t take my world at Wobbly Cart for granted, but having the opportunity to view my daily rituals through someone else’s lens definitely builds my appreciation for the farm.  My mother is in town, so I have taken the next few days off to go for long walks, cook, and laugh and watch the plants grow. The slow transition into summer this year has provided the Wobbly Cart crew the chance to ease into long days (filled with satisfying tea/coffee breaks), we have shaken off the wet spring and our bodies remember what needs to happen in order to get the job done.  This afternoon my mom and I leisurely strolled around as the crew harvested the vegetables for this week’s box.

Green Cabbage                   Red Scallions                                       Cauliflower

Swiss Chard                         Shell Peas                                             Garlic

Lettuce                                  Parsley                                                  Fennel

For our new members I would like to update you on the protocol for picking up your box.  The boxes will be at the drop sites by 4:00 pm. If for any reason you can’t pick up your box call us and let us know.  At the drop sites you will find a list of names, please find your name and cross it off.  This way we know who to contact if there is box that didn’t get picked up.  Also this helps folks that may be sharing a box with another party to communicate that the box has or has not been picked up.  If you do not see your name on the list please call us. We ONLY have enough boxes for the people listed.

You will also find a “swap box.”  The swap box provides you with a little flexibility with your weekly CSA share.  How it works: you may trade one item in your box for one item in the swap box.  This works great, for instance if you dislike beets but looove lettuce, no problem, put your beets in the swap box and take the lettuce. All of the items left over in the swap box are in turn left for the host site as a thank you.

Due in part, to the wet, cool spring we’ve had our garlic crop became infected with white rot fungus.  Unfortunately, we lost the entire crop.  And the white rot has also spread to some of our onions.  This is only our second year growing garlic in our flood prone fields at Wobbly Cart.  In the past we’ve gotten all of our garlic from Asha’s Dad.  He is an expert garlic grower and lucky for us and you he has donated some of his garlic to us again this year.  We have him to thank for the garlic in you box this week.  The variety is called Music, it’s a hard neck variety with big, easy to peel cloves.

There are a couple new veggies in your box this week.  Fennel has a white bulb, with feathery green fronds.  Its aromatic flavor is similar to anise and the texture is similar to celery.  When the bulb is cooked the anise flavor becomes very subtle.  Fennel can be prepared many different ways: it can be grated or shaved and eaten raw, sautéed like onions, or roasted in the oven.  Its delicious flavor adds depth to any dish.  You’ll also find a couple small heads of cauliflower in you box.  It is tender, sweet and delicious.  I love just sautéing cauliflower in butter, but there are so many other ways it can be prepared.  It’s also great curried with peas Indian-style.

We also want to give a shout out to Swiss chard this week.  Swiss chard is so good for you!  It’s been a topic of conversation for the crew around the lunch table recently.  Eating swiss chard can help defend against heavy metals, such as lead because it’s so high in magnesium.  It is loaded with other vitamins too like C, A, K.  Its great for your bones and some research says preventing cancer.  So you can feel really good about all the swiss chard you are eating this summer!


Marianne and Liza

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