CSA Box #3

July 6th, 2010


Summer is still off to a slow start around here, but they are calling for warm weather this week and hopefully everything will start growing a little faster.  You will be happy to know that our CSA members are our first priority.  The farmers’ markets, food co-ops and restaurants all come second.  During a year like this one, with the weather not cooperating and the vegetables growing slowly, you are at a great advantage to belong to a CSA because a lot of these vegetables haven’t been making it to the farmers’ market.  We’ve been having just enough of some things for CSA.

In this week’s box you’ll find:

Snow Peas                              New Red Potatoes

Green Cabbage                     Golden Beets

Baby Carrots                         Swiss Chard

Red Oakleaf Lettuce

Cilantro                                  Red Scallions

I remember last year thinking how nice it would be to have new potatoes and cabbage ready to harvst by the 4th of July for the classic summer potato salads and coleslaws.  Well, we got pretty close this year; we dug our first new potatoes for this week’s box and harvested the first heads of green cabbage this morning just for you.

We’re trialing a different red potato variety this year.  You may notice two different looking red potatoes in your box.  The round ones are Red Lasoda, the variety we’ve been growing; they are white fleshed, delicious and store well.  The new variety is called Desiree and has more of a long, oval shape.  They are yellow fleshed, early to mature. New potatoes are harvested before they are fully mature, the sugars have not completely converted to starch and the skins have not cured.  You’ll notice you can practically peel them with your hands.  They are tender and sweet, great steamed or boiled.  They should be stored in the refrigerator and eaten soon.  They will not keep like a mature potato.

A couple other root vegetables are new in this week’s box.  You’ll find some cute baby carrots and some beautiful golden beets.  We’re excited to be growing golden beets this year.  We grew them two years ago and loved them, but we were unable to acquire seed last year due to extensive crop failure.  Luckily we were able to get more seed this year, but last year’s unavailability motivated us to plant the tiny amount of seed we had left over and grow out our own seed crop.  Beets are a biennial meaning they take two years to complete they’re life cycle, they flower and set seed in the second year.  We planted them last summer, harvested the roots in the fall and stored them all winter and then replanted them this spring.  They are now sending up flower stalks and we’ll harvest seed from them later this summer.  Being able to save our own seed is one of the many benefits of growing all open-pollinated vegetables.

If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to call us. 360-273-7597


Liza and the Wobbly Cart Crew

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