Wobbly Cart CSA Box #2


Hello members,

It’s a lovely evening and I’m watching the sun going down and listening to Swainsons’ Thrushes singing in the surrounding forest. Feels a little like summer is upon us… finally! Things have been busy for everyone this week as it has finally dried out, and the crew has been working hard to weed, seed, transplant and harvest.  In fact it has been dry enough that we have actually had to begin irrigating. This is a good sign, considering how rainy and cloudy it has been. Having to run irrigation means we can dictate how much water the crops get, and the sun is shining enough to warm the soil and actually grow things! To quote Joseph from the other day, “ I can make it rain, but I can’t make the sun shine.”

I’m really happy about the contents of this weeks box and have a bunch of yummy recipes for you. New items will be strawberries, fresh dill and beets.

Strawberries         1 pint

Lettuce        2 heads (Waldmans’ Dark Green and Pirat Butterhead)



Shell Peas               1 lb


Sugar Snap peas   2/3 lb


Snow Peas              ½ lb

Fresh strawberries are a very special treat, if you can avoid eating them on the spot I would encourage you to try the fresh strawberry tart from the recipe page.  These berries were harvested from our neighbors at Rising River Farm. This collaboration is just another example of the benefits of joining a local CSA. We planted 3 rows (about 1000 row feet) of our own berries this year but it may by 2 or 3 years before the fruit is abundant enough for CSA and market. So we were lucky to be able to share in the wealth of another farm.

Beets on the other hand, we grow plenty of right now! You will find both the roots and the greens of the beets to be tender, delicious and nutritious, very different from canned or grocery store beets. They are quite versatile and can be eaten roasted, steamed, fresh-pickled and many more ways!

Fresh Dill may be new to you. This dark green frondy herb this is one of my favorites. Chopped up and used to flavor dressings, sauces and marinades it has a lovely flavor reminiscent of lemon, pine and fennel. I find it especially good with fresh salmon. The flavor of dill that is used for pickling is more from the seed heads when this plant goes to flower, then I find the flavor more assertive and anise or fennel-like.

Hope you have a good week and enjoy the veggies,

Asha, Joseph and the Wobbly Cart Crew


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