First CSA Drop-Off is Tues June 22nd – CSA Shares Available

Our first CSA drop- off is Tuesday June 22rd.

Please choose your pick-up spot and call or email us by June 19th to confirm your location. Our telephone number is (360) 273-7597 or email at

Rochester/Farm: Boxes will be in the cooler located at the rear of the barn. To get here from the stoplight in Rochester drive south on Albany, turn right on 185th/Marble/Independence Road. Go about four miles and turn right on 201st Avenue SW (turn is near new bridge and guardrails). We are the first driveway on the right just before the big barn and school bus. Pick up anytime after 2pm.

Centralia: Inside Good Health Nutrition Center (near Goodwill): 503 Harrison Avenue between 2:30 and 6pm.

East Olympia: 608 Fir Street NE. This is about two blocks north of Ralph’s Thriftway. Yellow house; boxes will be in the garage at the end of the driveway. Pick-up between 4 and 8pm.

West Olympia: 1520 Hays Avenue NW. Boxes will be in the mud room around back of the house. Pick-up between 4 and 8pm.

Northeast Portland: Pick-up at the Ramshackle: 4635 NE Garfield Avenue. Boxes will be in the shaded driveway to the north of the house. Pickup between 4 and 8pm.

At the pick-up site all the boxes are packed the same. There will be a list of names and a stack of newsletters at your pick-up site each week. Make sure to check your name off the list so that we know you have received your box. Then grab a newsletter (or two if you’re sharing). If you have any questions with regard to the process on delivery day call Joseph’s cell phone: 208-512-3186. We ask that you carefully ‘break down’ the previous week’s box and return it to the drop-site when you make your next pick-up so that we may re-use it. If you are out of town at any point please arrange to have a friend pick up your box. If we don’t hear from you and your box is left past 8pm the drop-site host will find a home for you’re veggies (food bank, family in need, very hungry folks, etc.)

There will be “swap boxes” at each site that we will stock with a couple of items. We encourage you to be adventurous in trying new things but if you are sure you can’t use an item in your box then exchange it for something in the swap box. The site host uses whatever is left at the end of the day.

In the meantime we’ll wait out the rains. It’s been an incredibly wet May and the transplants from the greenhouse are running out of patience while we wait for dry soil to get back on the fields again with the tiller. The peas however are in heaven and are growing beautifully. The river has risen and is a relatively welcome sight, as we know what it can look like without the rain to replenish it. We have to remind ourselves that the “springers” (Spring Chinook Salmon) couldn’t be happier and we recognize that in the end the river is what makes the soil what it is so we’ll graciously wait our turn. We hope your patience is as great as ours. Local produce will be showing up at the farmers’ markets and on the shelves of your local co-op or grocery store. Dig in and take a bite. Your food is on its way. The wonderful thing about CSA is that you really and truly get to know what it is like to eat seasonally…off of the land…Wobbly Cart’s land is different than anywhere else. What this means is that we’ll have some produce coming on later than others and other stuff that will come on ahead or last longer than others. There’s no doubt that each particular farm’s food tastes different. So many factors contribute and the soil is a major component of the differences. Enjoy the calm before the storm because we promise you’ll be inundated with absolutely mind blowing fresh produce for weeks to come!

Thanks from all of us at Wobbly Cart,

Asha, Joseph and the crew: Mar, Liza, David, Sabory, and Lauren

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