CSA Shares Available – Get a Friend to Join and Receive a $20 Discount

Hello friends of Wobbly Cart Farm,

blooming peas

The 2010 season is upon us!  We have been busy, taking advantage of every dry day to get out in the field and plant seeds and transplants for this season’s CSA.  We planted a lot during this past week’s sunshiny weather: all of the slicing cucumbers, pickles, summer squash, winter squash and tomatoes!  We are keeping an eye on our pea planting to try and predict when the first CSA delivery will be.  We usually wait until we are harvesting shell peas to start the CSA for the season.  With the unseasonably dry weather in February and March we were able to get into the fields earlier than ever before.  So this was the earliest we’ve ever planted peas.  We’re looking forward to beginning the pea harvest (and eating) early too.

baby romaine lettuce

For those of you who have not sent in your registration, we still have CSA shares available.  Make sure to send in your registration and payment by June 1st to secure your share. Get a friend to join and you will receive a $20 discount.  If you did not receive a brochure in the mail, the CSA membership form can be printed off our website: http://www.wobblycart.com/member.html

Send registrations and payments to:

Wobbly Cart Farming Collective
13136 – A 201st Ave SW
Rochester, WA 98501

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