Spring Projects on the Farm

Farmall Super A Tractor - Front Half

David Browne 996-Steering Valve Cover

Weather has been nice this week so why are the tractors in pieces spread around the barn? Gaskets arrived for the power steering valve on the David Browne tractor yesterday and we managed to get it back together. No more leaks! It was just in time to take advantage of dry (enough) soil in a sandier part of the field to try out the new plow: 1/3 of an

acre ready for the first pea planting.

Still waiting on a new clutch for the Super A–our smaller cultivating tractor pictured above, foreground.

Another spring project halfway through completion has been gutting the room the Super A is parked in. We removed the rotting wood floor and dug out 8-12″ of dirt to accommodate gravel and a future concrete slab. What an improvement.

2010 CSA regristration is open:

We’ll be mailing brochures to last year’s members in a couple of weeks. Space is open for new members–email us your mailing address if you’d like to be on our list.


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