Fall CSA Newsletter #5

Fall CSA Box #5                                                                                             


Wow, it’s hard to believe that it’s already time for the final fall CSA box! Time really does fly. I’d like to start off by thanking you all for supporting us this year, as well as making our first ever fall CSA a success. Your support is much appreciated, and we hope you enjoyed the veggies as much as we enjoyed being your farmers. We’re already planning for next year, so you can expect a mailing in late February or early March with sign-up information. We offer a discount for early sign ups so be ready!

It’s really nice to be sending out a box just in time for Thanksgiving too. Hopefully, you will all have fun incorporating local organic produce into your holiday meal. There’s something really satisfying about that thought to me!  I’ve also included a recipe sheet with some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes that emphasize seasonal produce. For those of you who will be making a turkey, I would like to encourage you to buy an organic bird. Not only will it be healthier for you, but there is a huge payoff in flavor too. Since there isn’t room on my recipe page to include my favorite way to prepare one, I will just suggest that you do some research on brining your bird. This might sound a little weird, but with less fat than conventional turkeys, organic or natural turkeys dry out quickly in the oven and really benefit from brining one to two days before cooking. It helps to keep them moist and adds seasoning. An internet search should bring up some great recipes for the whole process, and I know that the Organic Valley website had one posted there last I checked. 

We’re excited about the dry bean mix included in your box-so pretty and delicious. Check out David’s enclosed letter about the variety trial he did this summer.

This weeks’ box will contain:

Pie Pumpkin                 Red or Green Cabbage

Delicata Squash            Leeks

Beets                            Celery

Potatoes                       Dry Beans

Onions                         Winter Mix Baby Greens


Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks again for a fabulous season!

Asha, Joseph and the Wobbly Cart Crew

P.S. We also have bulk quantities of Potatoes and and a little Delicata squash available. Call 360-273-7597 to place an order. 10lbs for $12 or 25lbs for $25!


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