Fall CSA Newsletter #2

Dear friend of the farm,

It is 7:30 pm and it’s been dark for nearly three hours.  We came in a couple hours ago because we used every drop of sun to wash the leeks.  The nights are getting darker and bed calls early these days.  This is our first week without David and Liza in the field, so harvest takes longer.  Fortunately, this also coincides with a drop from five farmers’ markets a week to two.  We are hoping this all equates to a little more R and R.

In your box this week you will find:

Wild Garden Kale

Red Lasoda Potatoes

Rossa de Milano Onions

Delicata Squash

Jerusalem Artichokes




If you aren’t familiar with Jerusalem Artichokes, roasting them with other root vegetables and the Delicata is a safe bet. (The Delicata squash skin is tender enough to be eaten so you can cube it up from the start or halve it and bake until tender and sweet.) You can also refer back to our blog from October 22 at https://wobblycartfarm.wordpress.com/ for tips on cooking the Jerusalem Artichoke into a creamy soup. The entire length of the leek is good to use. To prep the leeks: trim the root, slice in half lengthwise, and rinse under a faucet to clean dirt and errant sprouting cover crop seeds trapped between the leaves. Then slice thinly and sauté or bake. The celery has a sweet, strong flavor and is best in soups.  As I see it, any autumn broth is made better with a stalk of celery.

Swap box reminder: There is a “SWAP BOX” labeled at each drop site stocked with a few items. We encourage you to be adventurous in trying new things but if you absolutely won’t use something in your box you may exchange it for something in the swap box. Take one item and leave one item. At the end of the day the site host will use whatever is left.

As always, give us a call if you have any questions—360-273-7597.

Happy eating,

Lauren and the WC crew

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