Fall CSA Box #1

Dear Member,

Welcome to the fall CSA!  Yesterday we had a slippery day in the mud.  I found myself sinking like a stone in the sea.  As my boots suctioned into the earth, in the distance I eyed the farm truck, a.k.a. “the bronze bomber”, being towed out of the mud by the tractor.  After an epic mud harvest, the sun broke through the dim fall light, and vegetables sprung from their dirt baths and a hot lunch kept us moving. Although the season is supposedly coming to a halt, it sure feels like it hasn’t slowed a bit.

It’s lucky that you signed up for a fall share because we have plenty of vegetables.  We even moved the greenhouse that was used to start seedlings in the spring into the fields to protect some of our cold-hardy fall crops.  We moved it in two parts, each hauled on the back of the flatbed truck.  I got to drive the flatbed and found it has an enormous steering wheel which makes you feel like you are a little kid pretending to drive that old rusty truck in your yard that your dad never got running. Except this one runs and it’s really fun to drive.

In this week’s box you will find:

Carrots, Red and Orange

Swiss Chard



Red and Yellow Onion


Butternut Squash


For lunch today I made a curry with potatoes, onions, carrots, and chard.  First, I sautéed potatoes in some oil, added the onions and carrots and cooked until browned.  Next I added a couple tablespoons of curry powder, salt, and chili sauce.  I let this cook for a few more minutes then added coconut milk and set to simmer until the potatoes and carrots were cooked.  Over a bed of rice and topped with a healthy serving of cilantro, this made a quite a tasty lunch.

If you find parsnips nestled in your box and you do not know what to do with them, don’t worry. You can treat them like you would any other root vegetable.  Throw them into any roasted vegetable dish, they are great in a soup, or simply coated with oil salt and pepper cooked until brown in a 375 degree oven. Also don’t be shy to add some grated parsnips to your hash browns. Parsnips are a fall treat and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t snacking on them, hot out of the oven, as I write this.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns give us a call, 360.273.7597.

Thanks for your support,

Enjoy your vegetables!

Lauren and the Wobbly Cart Crew

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