Newsletter #18 Your Final Box!

Dear CSA Members,

We want to say thank you to all of you for supporting our farm this year. It is difficult to imagine a small farm like ours succeeding without the faith and commitment from CSA members. Your dedication to eating local fresh produce supports the land, the small business, and the people growing your food. Thank you!

We’d love to hear from you about your impressions of our CSA program. Please fill out some part of your surveys from last week to help us know how to plan for next season. They are also on our blog at  Organizing field layout, budgets, and seed ordering for 2010 starts already next month!

In your box this week you’re receiving some storage quantities:

10lbs Yellow Finn Potatoes                              Jerusalem Artichokes

3 lbs Storage Onions                                        Delicata Squash

8lbs Bulk Beets and Carrots                             Pie Pumpkin

Cauliflower                                                       Wild Gardens Kale


The potatoes, onions, squash, beets and carrots will keep for months if stored properly.  Potatoes and onions should be kept in a cool, dry and well ventilated space, like a pantry, garage or basement; protect from freezing. Potatoes should be stored in the dark to prevent greening as they are not treated with sprout inhibitors like conventionally grown potatoes.  The paper grocery sack we’ve sent them in will help if you keep it tightly closed. The squash can be stored at 50 degrees for several months, or at room temperature for up to one month.  The beets and carrots should be stored in the vented plastic bag provided in the refrigerator.  Jerusalem Artichokes are the new item in your box this week.  Our neighbor and friend Betsie loves Jerusalem Artichokes and provided the fact sheet and recipe that you’ll find in your box.  Pie pumpkins are sweet and delicious, perfect for pumpkin pie or a savory dish.

Five ways to prepare winter squash:

Halve, seed and peel the squash, then proceed as directed.

SIDE: Coat chunks of squash with olive oil, butter, salt, pepper. Roast until tender; sprinkle with fresh thyme.

SALAD: Toss chunks of roasted squash into a salad of mixed greens; accompany with balsamic vinaigrette.

PILAF: Stir cubes of roasted squash into wild rice toward the end of cooking; season with rosemary.

SOUP: Simmer cubed squash in veggie stock, along with sautéed onions, chopped sage, salt and pepper until squash is tender. Puree, thinning with more stock, if desired.

GRATIN: In buttered baking dish, mix slices of roasted squash with sautéed leeks, goat cheese and chopped toasted hazelnuts. Drizzle with cream; bake gratin until heated through.

We hope you have enjoyed the CSA this year as much as we have.  It’s never too early to sign up for next year.

Thank you!!

The Wobbly Cart Farm Crew

Joseph, Asha, Marianne, David, Liza, Lauren and Sabory

PS. Don’t forget about the CSA Potlucks: Olympia – tomorrow, Wednesday Oct 21st 6:30pm at 915 Wilson St.

Portland – next Tuesday October 27th 7:00pm at the Ramshackle (the pick up site)

Fall CSA starts next week!


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