CSA Newsletter Week 16

box oct

Hello Friends of the Farm,

This morning, we slept in and had pancake breakfast with a fire going in the woodstove.  This was to celebrate the frost.  While some of us made the cakes, others took a peak in the field to find translucent frozen green beans and frost-bitten tomato shoulders.  These delicacies will be missed, although it sure was nice to drink a cozy cup of coffee and gaze off to the frosted fields.

Most of the crops, however, are with us for the long haul.  Kale loves the frost and actually gets sweeter as the temperature drops.  The squash has been safe and sound in the greenhouse and has now found a new home in this week’s box.  We just ate a roasted delicata squash, cippolini onion, cauliflower and burdock dish and the squash carried the rich savory flavors of the onion with the sweetness of pie.

If your life hasn’t already been enriched by the presence of burdock, now is the time.  I’ve just recently acquired a taste for it and the health benefits alone beg for it to be thinly sliced into your morning miso soup.   I’ve heard it to be a good blood purifier and liver cleanser.  Sounds good to me.  Either roasted in a fall medley, or grated raw into an asian slaw, the flavor is indescribable.

Enjoy the last of our sweet peppers for the season. Now that the evening has come and another fire is lit, we realized Jack is due for another visit.  As a pot of tea steeps, we just bundled up out for a moonlit hot pepper harvest to save a little heat for the winter.

Your good old bunch of radish buddies is back.  It was the first thing I bunched this year and now after a season of twist ties, it does feel satisfying to group these root balls back together again.  Next to the radishes you’ll find another salad favorite, the Butterhead lettuce.  Enjoy these buttery, smooth leaves while you can before the winter votes off the salad.

Cookies just came out of the oven so it’s time for me to go.  Here’s what you will find tucked in your boxes this week:

Red Onions                              Beets

Yellow Finn Potatoes                Delicata Squash

Carrots                                     Radishes

Wild Garden Kale                    Red Butterhead Lettuce

Burdock Root                          Anaheim Pepper

Until next time,

Lauren and the Wobbly Cart Crew

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