Canning Season is Here!

Dilly Beans

Dilly Beans, Pickles and Canned Tomatoes

Pickling and canning season is here.  We have bulk quantities of pickling cucumbers, beans, beets, tomatoes and basil available.  Start acting now and stock your pantry for winter.  Contact us to order. 360-273-7597.

Paste Tomatoes: $2.00/lb

Tomato Seconds: 20 lbs for $18

Pickles: mini $2.10 /lb, small $1.70 /lb, medium $1.90 /lb, bread and butter $1.50 /lb

Beets: small $1.80/lb , medium $1.90/lb , large $1.20/lb

Green Beans: $2.20/lb

Basil: 1/2 lb $9, 1 lb $16

2 thoughts on “Canning Season is Here!

    • Hi Steve,

      Sorry it took a couple days to get back to you. Are you still interested in a pickle order? What specifically would you like to order? Orders can be picked up at the farm (in Rochester) or at the Chehalis Farmers Market on Tuesdays or the Olympia Farmers market Thurs-Sun. Please leave you phone number so we can confirm your order. You can email or call to place an order. 360-273-7597


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