CSA Newsletter week #12

Box #12   September 9

My favorite time of year has come. Early mornings carry a chilled stillness with them.  I love waking up to the field covered in a blanket of fog and the moon slowly sinking. Now is when we can feel okay about stretching out our tea breaks for an extra 5minutes in hopes that the rain might pass, only to realize that regardless of the weather the work must get done.  This morning we slowly suited up in rain gear and marched out to harvest. It seemed like the transition from freezing to boiling hot happened within only a matter of minutes. Once the harvest knifes started striking broccoli and arms where loaded with crates full of cucumbers the fields became littered with wool sweaters and everyone was eager to shed their rain bibs.

In this week’s box you will find:

Lettuce                               Carrots

Broccoli                             Chard

Red Potatoes                      Red Onion

Sweet Peppers                    Cipollini

Eggplant                             Lemon Cucumber

Tomatoes                            Slicing Cucumber


The Cipollini is the flatter shaped yellow onion. It has a pungent sweet flavor. Whenever I use this onion it is so delicious I like to feature it in the main dish. Roasting or marinating it with chicken or potatoes is an easy way to enjoy this unique, sweet onion.

This past week we squeezed in time to harvest the yellow onions. Once onions have reached their final stage of development the greens die back and the onion begins to cure. The outer layers of the onion dry and seal the top which protects it from rot and disease. In order to insure the curing process goes smoothly we remove them from the field and lay them out in the green house where it is dry and warm.

During lunch we officially decided to offer an extended fall CSA!! It seemed so unjust to see all these beautiful fall crops and know that you would only be getting a small taste of what we have to offer. The fall CSA will run for 5 weeks, beginning in the last week in October threw the end of November. Included will be: Sweet fall greens, winter squash, onions, potatoes, beets, leeks, radishes, dried beans, dried peppers, celeriac, celery, parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, burdock, apples and Asian greens. The total cost for a fall share is $100.00. You can sign up by returning the flyer with a check or by calling the farm. We have enough to go around so if you know someone who would be interested send them are way.

Wobbly Cart Farm

13136-A 201st Ave. SW

Rochester, WA 98579

(360) 273-7597

Thanks to everyone who made the first ever farm party such a success! We had such a great time. Even the down pour Sunday morning couldn’t scare everyone away. Today barn still hums with echoes of laughter and tunes from the eventful weekend.  For those of you who couldn’t make it highlights included: fresh pressed apple cider, slow acoustic jams played by the fire, a fantastic dance party (which resulted in Joseph crowd surfing) and a giant farm breakfast Sunday morning.

Until next week,


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