CSA Newsletter Week #10

Box #10

box aug

Hi friends,

This past week the last of the pea seeds where harvested and tilled in. In their place buckwheat was planted as a late summer cover crop. This time of year is when everything in the field is so bright and rich with ripeness. We are at a peak of the season and your boxes in the coming weeks will reflect it. Ears of corn are plumping up and pepper plants are working over time to size up for next week. I always feel like now is the time to savor every bite of tomato, bask in the sunlight and not take for granted those after work dips in the river. Time moves so quickly out here the hour hand looks like fall greens sizing up, radish seeds beginning to sprout and winter squash gaining weight before my eyes. I know that before long we will be wrapped in wool and harvesting leeks, but until then we can fully embrace summer in the Northwest.

In this week’s box you’ll find:

Green Romaine Lettuce                       Heirloom Tomatoes

Yellow Finn Potatoes                          Lemon Cucumbers

Basil                                                    Salad Cucumbers

Red & Yellow Onion                           Beets

Summer Squash                                   Garlic

Green Cabbage

The salad cucumbers are the variety we grow for pickling. They are crunchy, sweet and delicious. I like to add them to sandwiches or finely slice them and add tomatoes and red onions and then marinade them in vinegar and oil.  One of my favorite ways to eat tomatoes right now is tomato sandwiches.  They are delicious with just mayonnaise and salt, but you can add some other tasty things like cucumbers, pesto and lettuce.  This time of year I pretty much put tomatoes in everything.  The garlic has been sorted; saving the best for next year’s seed stock. We’ll plant it in early October. This week you are getting two smaller heads–fortunately this variety of garlic (Music) still produces big easy peeling flavorful cloves within the small heads.

Over lunch we finalized plans for our first annual farm party! We are sooo excited to have everyone out to the farm to see what we get to enjoy every day.  It is going to be a blast.  See the enclosed flyer for details. There will be a potluck, farm tour, potato dig, apple cider pressing, tomato taste-off, bobbing for cucumbers, river swimming, blackberry picking and music.  Come for the afternoon/evening or bring your tent to camp out under the stars.


Marianne + Liza


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