CSA Newsletter Week #7

August 4, 2009 Box #7


Finally the heat is letting up, allowing us to return to our usual work schedule. Irrigation (a.k.a irritation) plays a crucial role on the farm during the hot summer months. It is very important for us to stay on top of watering. If we get behind and have hot weather like we did this past week, new plantings (like all of our fall broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower) could be lost. Even though we have been keeping up with our irrigation schedule some plants just didn’t like all that heat. The beets looked pretty miserable, their leaves drooping and wilted.  Luckily the after a cool night they perk back up. The tomatoes seemed to love every bit of it.  Our water supply comes from a well. We have two irrigation lines, that we leap frog around the fields.  Each line is comprised of nine 40’ pipes that stretch out across the width of the field, 360 feet. . Every morning (and sometimes afternoon) we head out to set up the line. This entails un-hooking the pipes and carrying them sixty feet to the next section of field to be watered. The reason we nicknamed irrigation “irritation” is because of the numerous mishaps that can arise in this process. One of the worst is when a pipe hook hasn’t been latched and pulled tightly to the next sprinkler. When this happens you turn on the water, the hooks blow open, and way too much water comes out. But, when everything goes smoothly you can quickly return to work feeling like a complete genius knowing that the veggies will be getting a much needed drink.

In this week’s box:

Lettuce                                               Green beans

Broccoli                                              Cucumber

Basil                                                    Walla Walla Onion

Summer Squash                         Swiss Chard

Carrots                                               New Potatoes


Epazote is a herb native to Mexico, Central and South America. It is traditionally cooked with beans for flavor and to help with digestion.

This past weekend an original Wobbly Cart Farming Collective member got married in Portland. Providing many folks in the valley with the opportunity to trade in our dirty work boots and pants for something a little more festive.  It was great to share the food we’ve grown with so many people and for such a special occasion.

After much deliberation, we decided that the price was right and so was the timing, to purchase a box truck. Just in time for all the heavy vegetables of late summer to come on. We figured it would just be the “Pig Van” (our current market and delivery van) until we had to put her down, but we have started to out grow the old 1985 Chevy Conversion Van. Luckily we got one heck of a deal on a newish box truck that appears to be in good condition. So if you have any recommendations on a name for the market truck we would love to hear them.


Marianne + Liza


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