Garlic Harvest

hanging garlic

We harvested our first garlic at the farm this week!  In the past Ashsa’s father has grown garlic for us because, the the Chehalis River floods our fields during the winter months. However, fortunately for us this year an area of the field that is on slightly higher ground became available.  It still floods but, doesn’t see standing water for as long as the rest of the field.

The variety we grow is called Music.  It is a “hardneck” garlic.  Hardneck garlic produces a “woody” flower stalk. The cloves are larger and easier to peel than softneck.  Hardneck garlic is more similar to wild garlic in character and flavor.

It is believed that garlic originates from South Central Asia, in a mountainous region known as the “Garlic Cresent,” running along the northern border of Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and into China.  Garlic has been cultivated for many thousands of years, it is perhaps one of the earliest wild plants tended by humans.    Garlic is mentioned many times in the oldest known written language, Sanskrit, dating back more than 5,000 years.

Garlic is cosidered a heal all.  It has natural anti-microbial and anti-biotic properties.  And it keeps away the vampires.

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