CSA Newsletter #1

Box #1 Greetings from the farm!!

wobbly june 036

This morning as we sipped on our tea and discussed the contents of your first box, I found myself getting more and more excited as the list grew in size and diversity.  Last year at this time I can remember reaching my personal threshold of the amount of radishes and lettuce I could consume; as I pined for the next crop to come on.  Now as we are working there is non-stop discussion and anticipation for what we could make for our next meal.

What you will find in your box is:

Red chard, shell peas, green leaf lettuce, garlic scapes, radishes, carrots, scallions, strawberries, cilantro, broccoli or kohlrabi

We picked the strawberries this morning form our neighbors at Helsing Junction Farm.  For those of you that receive broccoli this round, you will get kohlrabi next week, and vice versa.  The young carrots will not need peeling, though the the kohlrabi might.  Always store greens in a plastic bag in your fridge so they don’t dry out.

The scapes are from Wobbly Cart’s first crop of garlic grown at the farm.  Typically Asha’s father grows garlic for us, because in the winter the fields are in the flood plain of the Chehalis River.  But now with our expansion some higher ground became available for us to use.  It still floods but doesn’t see standing water for as long as other spots.  Garlic scapes are the curving flower tips of the garlic plants.  My favorite way to prepare them is to simply trim and discart the top couple inches of the tip, lightly toss in olive oil and grill or roast them similarly to asparagus.  Otherwise, dice finely and use them wherever tyou would use garlic.  I also have heard that pickled scapes (like Dilly beans) added to a Bloody Mary are delicious!  (It makes me wish I had one now to be honest).

To those of you that are new to our CSA program you will find a cookbook.  (For returning members this is the cookbook you received last year).  It is full of great recipes and information on eating locally.  Look in the “Cooking and Storage Tips” section for vegetables you may not be familiar with.  For anyone that is interested in purchasing an extra cookbook, they are available for $6.

If you have any ideas for tasty recipes that you’d like to share with us we would love to publish them in our newletter.

Please consider bringing a few totes with you when you come to pick up you box.  That way you can empty the contents, and then flatten the box for us to pick up the following week.  The drop sites are run by volunteers so please be considerate and pile the boxes neatly.  We will also be bringing a “swap box.”  If you find something in your box that you don’t think you will eat, you can swap it our for something else.  If you have any questions about what we have delivered today please give us a call and we’d be happy to chat.  Our telephone number is (360) 273-7597.

Until next week,

Marianne and the crew from Wobbly Cart


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