Spring CSA Newsletter

Dear Shareholders,

Excitement for the upcoming season is building here at Wobbly Cart and the first day of spring seems the right time to write our spring newsletter!  Onions, leeks, lettuce, parsley, celery, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants are growing and germinating in the greenhouse, bringing the promise of things to come.

In a year of unprecedented financial upheaval, commodity price fluctuations and yet another severe flood for the Chehalis River Basin, our local economy has never been more important.  By supporting local farms, you are helping to ensure that healthy life sustaining food is available to you and your family at a time when outside systems are increasingly unreliable.  What’s more, you help keep floodplain lands safe from development, which allows them to perform a valuable function of absorbing storm water and reducing the severity of future flooding.

Luckily, this winter’s flooding was not quite as devastating to the farm infrastructure as 2007.  The water being about a foot lower, and the farmers better prepared.  For Brian and I, the 2007 flood acted as a catalyst that propelled us to buy nearby non-floodplain acreage and a 1901 farmhouse that we had been dreaming about for years!

So, now Wobbly Cart also includes 10 acres of high ground that can store tractors, beehives and equipment during flood season.  We’ve also been busy with constructing a new 20’x48′ greenhouse, working to renovate the Johnagold apple orchard, seed ordering, tree pruning, tearing trucks apart and getting many crops an early start in the warm and comfortable greenhouse environment.  I’m really enjoying having my two daughters Kiran (3 1/2 yrs) and Freya (1 1/2 yrs) out there helping me.  They love to mix up soil, find earthworms, and “label” their own pots.  All of this is regularly interspersed with bouts of chasing the chickens and climbing into the coop looking for eggs, or bothering Joseph for information about his power tools.  Thought the kids are hard to keep up with, we slowly and steadily get done what we need to do throughout the days.

It also helps to have a great crew, and we’re excited to have Marianne and David returning this year!  Also joining us this season are Liza, Sabory, and Lauren.  So we are really looking forward to a successful season.

In future years, I am interested in growing more perennial crops up here, like new apple varieties, yummy berries, plums, pears,  and nut trees.  I would also like to grow garlic for Wobbly Cart, away from the standing water of the floodplain below us.  More for you all to look forward to!  We really appreciate your support in the past and hope to hear form you for the 2009 season!  By joining early you are helping us to buy seeds and pay start up costs, thank you!

2009 CSA Drop Site:

Farm: off Independence Rd in Rochester

NE Portland: 4635 NE Garfield Ave (the Ramshackle)

SE Portland: yet to be announced

Chehalis: Community Farmers’ Market

Centralia: Good Health Nutrition Center

East Olympia: 608 Fir St NE

West Olympia: yet to be announced

With a minimum drop off of eight boxes we will be happy to set up other delivery sites.  Tell your friends!

We look forward to hearing from you,


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